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Heroin & Treatment

Heroin and Opiate treatment begins with addressing the specific recovery needs and challenges. Multiple variables are considered to design a plan. Any and all Treatment is based on many factors that require further discussion.

Methamphetamine Treatment

Treating a methamphetamine addiction requires total detoxification of the whole body, which can be dangerous unless supervised by a medical professional. Our treatment goes beyond just detox to also address the psychological damage done by meth and create a long-term recovery plan that leads to permanent change! Any and all treatment for methamphetamine addiction is based on many factors that require further discussion.

Other Substances

There are many different types of substances that users can develop addictions to, including weed acid ecstasy. We accept individuals who are currently struggling with addictions to various substances. Although the treatment method will vary depending on the substance in question and the specific individual's trauma, triggers, and history of addiction, the goal of treatment is the same - lasting sobriety!


We are Licensed by The Department of Children and Families and also Certified by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences
Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Treatment Center  in West Palm Beach, FL

Why Choose Us?

We provide a safe and supportive atmosphere to help you recover from addictions. Our therapies are tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual client. The therapy includes personalized sessions, recreational activities, and nutritional guidance to support you through your life-transforming journey.

  • Treatments With Experienced Staff
  • Cutting-Edge Addiction Rehab
  • Personalized Programs
  • Enhance Individual Performance
  • Education and Training on Addiction
  • Distraction Free Recovery

Better Tomorrow

The Better Tomorrow Treatment Center combines tried and true methods to create a unique treatment plan designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Our drug treatment program does not end once our clients leave our facilities as being clean is a way of life for a healthy future. We develop a continuing care plan for each client that uses a range of practices and tools which have proven track records from their origination.

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Better Tomorrow

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